The purpose of this informed consent is to assess the state of health and physical fitness and avoid risks arising from sports practice, as well as the treatment of injuries that occur in it.


The informed voluntarily consents to the minor submitting to one or more of the following tests, which may be carried out by the club's medical services during the season, consisting of:

  • Medical history and form and/or health and/or psychopedagogical questionnaires
  • Anthropometric study
  • Examination of the musculoskeletal system including complementary tests if necessary, such as: X-rays, ultrasounds, nuclear magnetic resonance, T.A.C., etc.
  • Flexibility assessment.
  • Cardio-respiratory examination consisting of cardiac and pulmonary auscultation, determination of blood pressure, electrocardiogram at rest, etc.
  • Stress test on continuous treadmill with determination of gases and/or lactates and/or stress electrocardiogram, to determine health status and oxygen consumption and ventilatory or lactic thresholds
  • Echocardiogram
  • Muscle strength assessment
  • Dietary survey if applicable
  • Assessment of heart rate responses during certain training sessions using heart rate monitors
  • Blood tests (including tests to determine anti-HIV antibodies) and urine tests for drugs such as opiates, cannabinoids, cocaine metabolites or amphetamines.
  • Covid-19 test, including any type of test that can determine the existence of the disease, the virus, or its antibodies.


The results will allow the health status of the minor to be determined and their functional capacity to practice sports to be assessed, and will be used to prescribe a training program, assess the diet and dietary supplements, and to improve physical and sports performance.

The results of the tests carried out may determine the exclusion of the minor from the activities of the Foundation, temporarily or permanently, if so advised by their medical evaluation.


The informed fully understands the type of tests that could be performed on the minor, authorizing the communication of the results to the technical team, when appropriate, for a better understanding and use of their physical abilities. In the event that doubts arise regarding any of them, they will be consulted with the Club's medical staff.

The informed authorizes the Club's medical services to access the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries or illnesses that may occur to the minor during the season and to communicate these to the club's technical team.

The informed authorizes the medical services of the Club or authorized personnel to immediately intervene the minor in an emergency/medical emergency situation.

Authorization to carry out these tests or treatments is granted voluntarily by the informed party, reserving the freedom to interrupt them at any time, if they so wish.


The informed before the perception of discomfort of the minor, especially those related to exercise, such as respiratory difficulty, dizziness or chest pain, must immediately notify the club's technical and medical services for proper assessment.

The informed understands and assumes that the medical tests that could be performed on the minor are not infallible and cannot guarantee that potentially dangerous circumstances or illnesses will appear or develop during the season.


All information generated by this consent to which the Foundation may have access will be considered confidential information. Hereinafter “Confidential Information”.

Regarding said information:

  • 1. The Foundation undertakes to maintain the confidentiality and secrecy of all Confidential Information to which they have access. In this sense, the Confidential Information that is provided by the informed party or the minor may not be disclosed publicly or to third parties by any means, tangible or intangible, known or made possible by the state of the art in the future.
  • 2. In order to comply with said duty of confidentiality, the foundation undertakes to adopt those appropriate measures to guarantee the confidentiality of the information. Among them, the following:
    a. Use the information confidentially.
    b. Prevent copying or disclosure of said information to third parties, unless expressly authorized by the other party.
    c. Restrict access to information to its employees, to the extent that they may reasonably need it for the performance of their agreed tasks.
    d. Do not use the information or fragments of it for purposes other than the execution of this contract.
    e. Respect the veracity of the information provided, without, in any case, altering its content.
  • 3. The duration of said duty of confidentiality will be indefinite, continuing the duties and obligations of confidentiality once the legal relationship detailed in this Consent has ended.
  • 4. The parties will be responsible to each other, in the event of breach of this obligation, either by themselves or their legal representatives.


All information shared between the Parties is the exclusive property of the person providing it. Neither party will use prior information of the other party for its own use or for its own benefit, unless otherwise authorized in writing.

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