1. Responsible declaration

I declare that my son/daughter attends voluntarily the training, games and activities of the basketball school organized by the Fundació Valencia Bàsquet 2000. Assuming, by the mere fact of participating in the activity, that due to its characteristics he/she is not free of some risk.

I declare that my child is in good physical shape and health and that he/she does not have any medical impediment, illness or condition that prevents him/her from participating in the activity in which he/she is registering.

I agree to follow and ensure that my child diligently follows the instructions of the coaches and/or monitors for the development of the activity in perfect safety conditions.

2. Disclaimer

In the event that the parents or legal guardians of the player, request by any means that the foundation and/or its staff take charge of the player's displacement in matches, training sessions or other related activities with the Club or the Foundation, they exempt the Club, the Foundation and their staff (employee or not) from any liability derived from it.

3. Resolution of defaults

If non-payment of any of the mandatory subscription fees occurs, the user will have a period of 15 calendar days from being informed of the non-payment to correct the incident and pay the corresponding fee, from that period, if the problem has not been solved, your user relationship with the entity will be terminated and access to the contracted activity will be denied.

In any case, if the return of fees or receipts entails any expense for the Valencia Basketball 2000 Foundation, said amount will be passed on to the client. If the unpaid and returned fee is paid in person, it must be increased by the amount corresponding to the return costs.

4. Terms of Service Cancellation

Once registered, if you want to cancel the service, you must reliably notify the Foundation.

No more receipts will be charged from the date of communication of the cancellation, but in no case will the amounts already paid be returned.

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